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Exploring the “The Portland Bottom Line”- A Collaborative Effort in Sustainability Best Practices

18 Aug

Co-edited by Peter Korchnak and Megan Strand, “The Portland Bottom Line: Practices for Your Small Business from America’s Hotbed of Sustainability” is a collaborative exploration of sustainable practices for small businesses. Fifty small-business people from Portland, including myself,  share their experiences with sustainability in their companies. Each short essay highlights one actionable idea, valuable practice, practical tip, or actionable advice with demonstrated triple bottom line impact that any small business can implement tomorrow.

Contributors will collectively choose a local community organization which supports the launch and growth of small businesses or social ventures to receive 100% of net profit from the sales of “The Portland Bottom Line”.

I am excited to be part of this project and partnered with a great group of sustainability visionaries, practitioners and experts.

Look for “The Portland Bottom Line” in November 2010 .