Sustainability and EHS Advisory Services

Sustainability Strategy Development

Even in these challenging economic times, many public and private sector organizations are looking for innovative, leading edge ways to improve their business position and maintain environmental compliance.   ValueStream Performance Advisors assist organizations in defining and implementing the right combination of cost-effective measures that can streamline and optimize financial capital, and also account for natural and social capital.  Our solutions developed over 30 years have enhanced corporate governance, improved risk management, controlled costs and minimized environmental impacts.  In addition, these successful ‘triple top line” approaches have met business expectations of customers, stakeholders and employees.

Our TTL360˚[1] approach to sustainable design and implementation involves aligning company vision, stakeholder expectations and resources.  We find that values-driven visioning, process mapping and life cycle –based assessment at the very beginning of project definition helps ensure that sustainability criteria are considered at all key points throughout the product “value chain”.

Valuestream:  Sequence of activities required to design, produce, and provide a specific good or service, and along which information, materials, and worth flows.

ValueStreams Principal, Dave Meyer, is recognized leader in the planning and implementation sustainability-focused management systems (SMS) for private manufacturers and public organizations. Our Sustainability Services integrate technical, financial and social talent and tools into comprehensive sustainable solutions, including resource stewardship, pollution prevention and energy efficiency (P2E2), and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Our principals and partners have extensive experience in incorporating energy efficiency, life cycle resource management, water conservation/reuse and materials waste management into many operational aspects of their projects.  In addition to our tradition of efficient design and resource recovery, ValueStream Performance Advisors staff are specifically trained in sustainability to help guide your project to its ultimate goal.

Regulatory Compliance

ValueStream Performance Advisors offer a menu of environmental, health and safety (EHS) consulting and training services including the following:

  • Multi-media environmental permitting
  • EHS compliance auditing/agency liaison
  • Strategic EHS  program development/management
  • Serving as the “ad-hoc” EHS function
  • On-Site or Off-Site Consultation
  • Staff Training, Education and Capacity Building


ValueStream staff worked with dozens of companies just like yours to identify, plan and manage EHS issues in operations, planning, product development, permitting and expansions, mergers and acquisitions not just for short-term issues but long-term engagements as well.

ValueStream can also conduct periodic reviews of your facilities to identify issues, risks and improvement opportunities.  If you ask us, we’ll communicate with regulators on your behalf.  Finally, as your company grows, we’ll help develop necessary systems to assure compliance, reduce risks, manage consumption and waste and meet your customers’ expectations about environmental responsibility.

At ValueStream, we define sustainability as a long-term strategy for preserving the health of our environment, enhancing operational performance and enhancing community prosperity.

ValueStreams mission is to enable our clients to balance the use of financial capital, while optimizing natural and human capital for the long term.  

Please contact Dave at or at 858.212.2020 if you would like further information.

[1]‘Triple Top Line (TTL) 360˚’ refers to SEEDS proprietary tools developed to assess and recommend ‘triple top line’ focused solutions.

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