Why Sustainability Matters in a Resource-Finite World…

13 Feb

We live in a finite world with finite resources. The global marketplace is getting more competitive. Rules and Regulations are getting tougher- and more costly. That means that organizations must think sustainably before they act sustainably– by operating in a more resourceful and optimized manner, and in a way that responsibly manages resource use, reduces operational and environmental footprints and enhances employee and community well-being.

This is also an exciting time that can spawn creative, productive places where people want to work, where technological innovation can be realized, profits are optimized, the environment is respected, and products have greater “choice value”.

Yesterdays study released by AT Kearney (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29097210/from/ET/) highlights how many forward thinking institutions highly regarded organizations that are taking the “long view”, adjusting planning horizons, and implementing effective, deep sustainability initiatives stand a better chance of surviving the current financial crisis that the world is in.

Despite these ‘lean’ economic times on both sides of the cash register, its critical that manufacturing companies, service providers and even public agencies across all sectors continually seek “lean” and efficient methods to manufacture their goods and provide services. Process efficiencies with an eye toward sustainable resource conservation, sustainable supply chain and product life cycle management helps companies cut waste and remain competitive. So folks- keep up the good fight and don’t accept the excuse by decision-makers that “we are watching our spending” without inquiring about how effectively organizations are focusing on tracking life cycle costs and striving toward resource optimization.

Make the “business case” that sustainability leverages organizational risk and enhances competitiveness by finding ways to optimize resources, cut waste and avoid costs. Isn’t that what good business is all about? I invite your comments…

More to follow…DM


One Response to “Why Sustainability Matters in a Resource-Finite World…”

  1. Ajay Phatak February 23, 2009 at 10:33 am #

    Considering that not only this generation but future generations too are to live on thes e finite resources, we must look at avenues of natural resource restoration! How can be regnerate some of the lost natural resources and how we can reuse the one’s we already have mined out from the deposits. We must look at “limiting comumption” and at the same time maximizing well being. The Economics now needs to consider 2 more dimensions of ecology (for scale) and ethics (for equitable use of natural resources) to become effective in making the planet sustainable… How can we make it happen?

    Ajay Phatak

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